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Antares Autotune Vst V5.09 Crack

Antares Autotune VST v5.09: A Review

If you are looking for a plugin that can correct pitch problems and enhance vocal performance, you might want to check out Antares Autotune VST v5.09. This is a software that has been hailed as a "holy grail of recording" by Recording magazine and adopted worldwide as the largest-selling audio plugin of all time. In this article, we will review the features, pros and cons of Antares Autotune VST v5.09 and see if it lives up to its reputation.

What is Antares Autotune VST v5.09?

Antares Autotune VST v5.09 is a plugin that can be used with any digital audio workstation (DAW) that supports VST format, such as Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton Live, etc. It is designed to automatically detect and correct the pitch of vocal or solo instrument tracks in real time or offline mode. It can also be used to create various vocal effects, such as the famous "T-Pain" effect, by manipulating the pitch, formant and throat parameters. Antares Autotune VST v5.09 provides two different approaches to pitch correction: Automatic Mode and Graphical Mode.


Automatic Mode

Automatic Mode is the easiest and fastest way to use Antares Autotune VST v5.09. It instantly detects the pitch of the input signal, identifies the closest pitch in a user-specified scale (including minor, major, chromatic and 26 historical and microtonal scales), and corrects the input pitch to match the scale pitch. The user can adjust the speed and accuracy of the correction, as well as the amount of humanization and natural variation to preserve some of the original expression. Automatic Mode also allows the user to select a target note or pitch from a keyboard or MIDI controller, and force the input signal to conform to that note or pitch. This can be useful for creating harmonies or special effects.

Graphical Mode

Graphical Mode is more advanced and flexible than Automatic Mode. It gives the user full control over every aspect of the pitch correction process. It displays the detected pitch contour of the input signal as a graph on a timeline, and allows the user to manually edit it by drawing curves, lines, or shapes. The user can also zoom in or out, scroll, or select regions of interest for more precise editing. Graphical Mode also offers various tools and functions to help the user achieve the desired result, such as:

  • Pitch Drift Correction: This tool automatically smooths out any pitch variations that are due to unsteady breath support or vibrato.

  • Make Notes: This function automatically converts the pitch contour into a series of discrete notes, each with a specified duration, pitch and amplitude. The user can then edit each note individually or in groups.

  • Import Auto: This function imports the pitch correction settings from Automatic Mode into Graphical Mode, and applies them to the selected region. This can be useful for fine-tuning some parts of the vocal track after using Automatic Mode for the whole track.

  • Import MIDI: This function imports MIDI data from an external source, such as a keyboard or a sequencer, and uses it to control the pitch correction of the selected region. This can be useful for creating complex harmonies or melodies with Antares Autotune VST v5.09.

Pros and Cons of Antares Autotune VST v5.09

Antares Autotune VST v5.09 has many advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before using it. Here are some of them:


  • It is easy to use and install. It has a simple and intuitive interface that guides the user through the process of pitch correction . It also comes with a comprehensive manual and online tutorials that explain how to use it effectively.

  • It is versatile and powerful. It can handle a wide range of vocal styles and genres, from pop to rap to classical . It can also be used for solo instruments, such as guitar, saxophone, or violin. It can create realistic or creative vocal effects, depending on the user's preference. It can also be used in conjunction with other plugins or hardware to enhance the overall sound quality.

  • It is reliable and accurate. It has a high-quality pitch detection and correction algorithm that can handle complex and noisy signals . It can also preserve the natural expression and nuance of the original performance, or modify it according to the user's taste. It can also work in real time or offline mode, depending on the user's needs.


  • It is expensive and requires a license. It costs $249 for the full version, which is not affordable for everyone. It also requires a license key and an iLok USB dongle to activate and use it, which can be inconvenient for some users.

  • It can be overused and abused. It can make the vocal track sound unnatural or robotic if used excessively or improperly . It can also mask or hide the flaws or mistakes of the singer, which can affect their credibility and authenticity . It can also create ethical issues, such as plagiarism or deception, if used without the singer's consent or knowledge .

  • It can be incompatible or outdated. It may not work well with some DAWs or operating systems, especially newer versions. It may also lag behind the latest developments and innovations in the field of pitch correction and vocal processing, such as artificial intelligence or machine learning.


Antares Autotune VST v5.09 is a plugin that can correct pitch problems and enhance vocal performance. It has two modes of operation: Automatic Mode and Graphical Mode. It has many pros and cons that should be weighed before using it. It is a useful tool for singers, producers, engineers, and anyone who wants to improve their vocal tracks. However, it should be used with caution and moderation, as it can also have negative effects on the vocal quality, authenticity, and ethics.

If you want to learn more about Antares Autotune VST v5.09, you can visit its official website, where you can find more information, demos, videos, testimonials, and support. You can also download a free trial version of the plugin and try it out for yourself.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it informative and helpful.


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