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Dating & Life Coach

I offer dating and relationship advice for men and women whether you are single and want to know how to attract a partner or if you are in a relationship and are having difficulties. I want to share my experience so that men and women are able to turn around their relationships woes into a success!

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5 Mistakes Men & Women Make When Attracting The Opposite Sex

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Men- Turn your dating woes into a success!

  • Do you always seem to be the guy that women love because you are so nice but women never fall in love with you?

  • Do you go on dates that seem to go well, and then the girl doesn't want to see you any more?

  • Do you find women that are into you suddenly lose all attraction for you, as if it just evaporates into the air?

  • Do you ever wonder how other men are able to seamlessly date women but you always fall at the last hurdle?

  • Do you want to date the women that you dream about dating but believe that they would never date you?


You can turn these misfortunes around! Most of these problems are due to behaviour patterns that you have learnt whilst growing up and with a subtle change of mentality you will be able to unlock the key to success!

You can start by downloading my free EBook on 5 Mistakes Men Make When Attracting Women below!

Women- It's about time you got the guy you've always wanted

  • Do you always seem to like the guy who is unavailable -they don't want to commit or already have a girlfriend?

  • Do you find that after a while, guys take you for granted and you feel you do too much for them and it is not reciprocated?

  • Do you always go for the guy that is probably bad for you, but fall for him and think that you can change him?

  • Do you feel that at first you are into the guy and then the attraction seems to fade?

  • Do you see your friends happily in relationships but always wonder why you have the bad luck yet everyone says the right one will turn up one day, but that day never seems to arrive?


You can turn these misfortunes around! Most of these problems are due to behaviour patterns that you have learnt whilst growing up and with a subtle change of mentality you will be able to unlock the key to success!

You can start by downloading my free EBook on 5  Mistakes Women Make When Attracting Men below!



'James is passionate and knowledgeable about his subject and shows a genuine ability to have a sound insight into, and assess different situations.

He was able to deal with issues such as self-motivation and tweaking my bad habits in relationships.

I now have him on speed dial.'


  - Dr Jay J

    London, UK

    1-1 Phone Coaching

'James went out of his way to listen to my situation and approached it with honesty and care. Someone I would have no problems to reach out to again.  

I got great advice that I agree with and feel as if it was a close friend giving it. 

Definitely worth to reach out if you feel you need to on any depth of situation. Thank you again.'

- Ryan P

  Vancouver, Canada

  1-1 Email Coaching

'At 32 years old I had had some minor sexual experience but never gone the 'whole way'. I wasn't entirely sure why this was; my initial desire was there but as soon as something started happening I would switch off.

James helped me confront and overcome this multi-faceted  fear in a manner that therapists had failed to do.

I am now confident and enjoying a normal, healthy sex life as I had always wanted and at times in the past thought I would never achieve. I thoroughly recommend James!'       


 - PT (anonymous)

   London, UK

   1-1 Phone Coaching

' I found James on Tik Tok and really enjoyed the advice he provided in a lot of his videos, I wanted to ask him a question of my own, so I did and don't regret it at all! He was super helpful and kind and now I have a better idea of what I'm going to do in my relationship!

Thank you!'

-Jillian I 

 Chicago, USA 

 1-1 Email Coaching

James really helped me put into perspective how to handle my current situation. He made me realise that living in the moment and enjoying your situation for what it is is better for your own health and growth as a person as opposed to being preoccupied with the future and what might become. 

Thank you so much James!!

- Sarah P

  Cardiff, UK

  1-1 Email Coaching

'James has given me guidance and advice through a difficult milestone in my current relationship. He has helped me to process my thoughts and has given me the confidence and skill to continue forward in a calm but mature way.


James has amazing listening skills and knowledge of himself and others.'


-Paige G  

 New Hampshire, USA 

 1-1 Phone Coaching

'I first found James on Instagram and began watching some of his videos. They resonated with me immediately.

His practical and logical approach to dating and interacting with women is easy to follow and it just makes sense. 

He already helped me a ton and I'm looking forward to reading his book.'

- Peter T

  Florida, USA

  1-1 Email Coaching

'I was having trouble with a girl that started to pull away after I began to show feelings. My situation was rather specific and I didn't know what to do, so I contacted James because his videos have always been helpful.

James wasn't just another relationship coach. He showed true care and went out of his way to hear me and help me deal with my specific case. The best compliment I can give James is that he's not only focused on improving one's particular problem. He's genuinely interested in helping us understand our fears and emotions so we can grow as a better, more self-confident and self-loving person.' 

- Andre L

  Lisbon, Portugal

  1-1 Phone Coaching

Get 1 on 1 Dating & Relationship Coaching Sessions

I offer email coaching sessions to get the truth and to the bottom of your relationship difficulties. I will analyse your individual situation and tailor-make an actionable plan for you to achieve success. 

Having difficulty attracting the person that you always felt you wanted to be with? Or are you struggling in a current relationship or not sure how to recover when you fell you have messed things up?

These email coaching sessions are designed to offer non-judgemental advice that you can practically use in your life to put you on the right track.   

Dating & Relationship Coaching





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